Tampa, FL // //


2021        Smiling Into w/Khai Grubbs, Quaid. Tampa, Florida

2016       CRAMP,Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2014       No W a v e s, 1010 Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2011       TheWinner/Loser Binary Complex, Oliver Gallery Tampa, Florida


2022      A Serious Look at the Funnies, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2019       Rulers,Coco Hunday. Tampa, Florida

2018       FacultyShowcase, Scarfone Hartley Gallery. Tampa, Florida

2017       WorkFriends II, Curated by Eleanor Aldrich, Fluorescent Gallery. Knoxville,Tennessee

2016       NewAmerican Paintings, No. 124, The South.

                AlwaysAlready Here Vol. 2, Curated by Joshua Bienko, Gallery Protocol. Gainesville,Florida

               Expo 69, Juriedby Pete Schulte and Amy Pleasant, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

               Orange 4, TheFridge. Washington DC

               ContemporarySouth, Juried by Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Visual Art Exchange.Raleigh, North Carolina

2015       AlwaysAlready Here Vol. 1, Artscape Artist Run Art Fair. Baltimore, Maryland

                Expo68, Juried by Phong Bui, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                Orange3, Unix Gallery. New York City, New York

2014       Understudy,Napoleon. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                 Premierétage, Hunt Gallery. St. Louis, Missouri

2013       16|16,Downtown Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2010       BachanaliaIII, Olivery Gallery. Tampa, Florida

2008       TampaAddys, Scarfone Hartley Gallery. Tampa, Florida


2018- Present     Adjunct Instructor, University of Tampa. Tampa, Florida

    Courses Taught: Art Appreciation, Beginning Drawing, Experimental Drawing

2019- Present     Adjunct Instructor, Lindenwood University. St. Charles, Missouri

    Courses Taught: Digital Art I-IV + Graduate Digital Art II and III

2020- Present     Adjunct Instructor, Polk State College. Winter Have, Florida

    Courses Taught: 2-D Design, Drawing I

2016    Visiting Foundations Coordinator, University of Tennessee. Knoxville, Tennessee

2014-2016    Instructor or Record/Lecturer, University of Tennessee. Knoxville, Tennessee

    Courses Taught: 2-D/3-D Design, 4-D Foundations, Drawing I, Drawing II


2016       MFA/University Of Tennessee/ Painting and Drawing/ Knoxville, Tennessee

2011       BFA /University of South Florida/ Painting & Drawing/ Tampa,Florida

2008       Universityof Tampa/ Graphic Design/ Tampa, Florida


2021       Artist in Residence, Quaid Artist Space, Tampa, Florida  

2016       Editor’sChoice Award, New American Paintings No. 124 The South

2015       DorothyDille and Orin B. Graff Materials Award, Knoxville, Tennessee

2014       GraduateTeaching Associate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

2013       Universityof Tennessee Chancellor’s Initiative Award. Knoxville, Tennessee


Mills,Kristen. UNDERSTUDY:The Work of Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula and Mark Martinez. November29, 2014.

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