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2016                 MFA /University Of Tennessee/ Painting and Drawing/ Knoxville, Tennessee

2011                 BFA (cum laude) / University ofSouth Florida/ Painting & Drawing/ Tampa, Florida

2008                 University of Tampa/ Graphic Design/Tampa, Florida


2016   [solo]    CRAMP, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                        New American Paintings, No. 124, Southern Issue.

                        Always Already Here Vol. 2, Curated by Joshua Bienko, Gallery Protocol. Gainesville, Florida

                        Expo 69, Juried by Pete Schulte and Amy Pleasant, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                        Orange 4, The Fridge DC. Washington DC

                        Contemporary South, Juried by Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Visual Art Exchange. Raleigh , North Carolina

2015                Always Already Here Vol. 1, ArtscapeArtist Run Art Fair. Baltimore, Maryland

                        Expo 68, juried byPhong Bui, Ewing Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                        Orange 3, UnixGallery. New York City, New York

2014                 Understudy, Napoleon. Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

          [solo]      N o  Wa v e s, 1010 Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                         Premier étage, HuntGallery. St. Louis, Missouri

                        Expo 67, EwingGallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

                        The World We Love In,1010 Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2013                16|16,Downtown Gallery. Knoxville, Tennessee

2011                 First Hand Matters,Oliver Gallery. Tampa, Florida

        [solo]      The Winner/Loser Binary Complex, OliverGallery Tampa, Florida

                       Arte Del Ybor, Relevant. Ybor City, Florida

2010              Bachanalia III, OliveryGallery. Tampa, Florida

                      Contrast Media, Oliver Gallery. Tampa, Florida

2008             Noche Del Arte, CubanClub. Ybor City, Florida 

                      Tampa Addys,Scarfone Hartley Gallery. Tampa, Florida


2016                Visiting Director of Foundations,University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                         Lecturer, University ofTennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     -Drawing II

                                     -Drawing I

                         Teaching Associate,University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     -Introductionto 2D and 3D art and design I: Design Principles [Instructor of Record]

                                     -Painting III (with Dominic Terlizzi)

2015                Teaching Associate, University ofTennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     -Introduction to 4D art and design: Time and Motion[Instructor of Record]

                         -Introduction to 2D and3D art and design II: Concepts and Practices [Instructor of Record]

                                     -Painting III (with Caitlin Keogh),

                                     -PaintingIII (with Aliza Nisenbaum)

                         Instructor, Summer ArtAcademy, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee


                                     -Cartooningand Comics

2014                Teaching Associate, University ofTennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     -Introductionto 4D art and design: Time and Motion [Instructor of Record] 

                         Teaching Assistant,University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     - Drawing I

                                     - PaintingII

                                     -Open Studio Live Model Drawing session

2013                Teaching Assistant, Universityof Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

                                     - Drawing I

                                     -Open Studio Live Model Drawing session


2015                 Dorothy Dille and Orin B. GraffMaterials Award, Knoxville, Tennessee

                        GraduateStudent Senate Award for Travel, Knoxville, Tennessee

2014                 GraduateTeaching Associate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

2013                 GraduateTeaching Assistant, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

2013                 University of TennesseeChancellor’s Initiative Award. Knoxville, Tennessee


Mills, Kristen.UNDERSTUDY: The Work of Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen,Brad Jamula and Mark Martinez. November 29, 2014.


2015                 ArtistTalk, NRG, Apathy, and boredom andboredom and…, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee April 1

2014                 ArtistTalk, Gulf Coast/East Coast: Flatness andedge tension, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri August 29

2011                 TeachingAssistant, Southwest Florida College, Tampa, Florida

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